Fellow Authors:

Mike Ellis
  Author of 'Studio in the Country'. Great story!
Billy Burrew
  Author of 'X-treme NSync', 'Love Thru Chat' and many more.
Kyle (K_Magic)
  Author of 'Not Meant to Be' and 'Fate Stepped In'.

Gay Fiction on the 'Net:

The Nifty Archives
  Huge collection of Gay/Bi stories.
Men On the Net Story Archives
  Another large collection of Gay erotica.


Official Backstreet Boys homepage
  The 'official' BSB site - a lot of info here.
Official *N Sync homepage
  The 'official' *N Sync site.
Kevin Richardson Gallery
  Quite a large collection of Kevin pics.
Complete Kingdom of Slash
  Huge collection of 'slash' stories. A must read!
Unconventional Relationshippers Fan-fiction
  Large collection of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' fiction (all sorts).