All of the stories on these pages are what's commonly referred to as 'slash fiction'. A 'slash' story is one that involves sex and/or a relationship between people of the same sex (m/m or f/f). All of my stories are of the m/m variety. If reading homo-erotic fiction is not your style, please leave now. I hear that Disney's good...

A collection of stories involving 'so-called' Boy-Bands... Currently limited to *N Sync and Backstreet Boys, but likely to expand in the near future.

Stories that don't fit into either the 'Boy Bands' or 'ST:Voy' categories. These will mostly be based on television series, movies, and real-life actors.

Stories that relate to the guys on the Paramount Pictures show: Star Trek: Voyager. Currently all C/P (Chakotay/Paris), but it probably won't stay that way long.