A Meeting of Souls
Peter Kamphuis (rh_chan@hotmail.com or rhchan2001@yahoo.com)
30 April 2000;
08 May 2000 (revised)


This is a work of fiction. The characters and television series belong to Paramount. I am just borrowing them for some recreational use. No profit is being made from this story, nor is it intended to damage the intellectual property rights of Paramount Pictures.

Please note that this is a story concerning male/male love. If that is likely to offend, then please leave.

Author's Notes:

A quick throw-away story. Another C/P tale that came to me in a 'vision'. This one is a tad more mushy than I usually care to write, but what the hell - it's out and down on 'electronic paper' now... Fait accompli.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, if only to tell me how unlikely the scenario is! :)

A Meeting of Souls

The door to the Messhall hissed open and Chakotay entered.

No one paid him any attention, and so they missed the cues that he was not behaving like his usual self. That became apparent several moments later when he ignored Neelix's cheerful queries regarding what he would like to eat, and turned to face the huge glass windows showcasing the passing stars and the void of space.

He continued to ignore Neelix's concerned - and increasingly louder - queries, as he stared intently outside. Neelix's loud cries of, "Commander? Commander? Are you alright?" went unheeded as he started walking towards the beckoning window.

He ignored, or possibly didn't notice, the looks he was receiving from around the Messhall, as people began paying more attention to the commotion the Talaxian chef was making.

He ignored the looks from the table he had just passed; not even aware that several senior bridge officers were seated there looking at him in wide-eyed astonishment.

He ignored everyone as he came to a halt in front of the window and stared outside at the black, endless void of the Delta Quadrant.

The buzzing sound grew louder as people started talking to their companions about the strange behaviour of the commander, and the way he seemed to have 'spaced out'. It grew louder still as Neelix's concerned queries were taken up by several other people; including one or two of the senior bridge officers.

The buzzing did not abate as Tom Paris stood, ignoring his table companions -- B'Elanna, Tuvok and Seven -- and inexorably moved to stand next to the commander; just off to his right.

Tom silently peered out into the void, seemingly able to see the same thing, or things, that Chakotay was seeing...

They stood there, watching the void, and the occasional passing star for several more minutes; neither moving an inch, or saying a word to acknowledge the presence of the other, or the others in the Messhall.

Neither of them heard B'Elanna's voice comm'ing the captain and the Doctor, citing an emergency situation in the Messhall.

Neither of them saw the captain and the Doctor appear a few minutes later; concerned looks splashed across their faces -- echoing the worry of the Messhall's other patrons.

Neither of them saw, heard or felt anything until they simultaneously reached out a hand and touched the other hand slowly approaching theirs... Chakotay's right hand rising up to meet, and intertwine with, Tom's left hand.

Contact was made...

...In more ways than one...

...In more planes than one.

Their heads slowly turned to face each other -- absolute wonder, and a sense of both fear and excitement, etched on their faces. Their eyes did not flicker or move from the captive gaze of the other.

Neither of them heard the sharp intakes of breath, nor the sudden silence that enveloped their thunderstruck - and now, mute - witnesses.

Still lost in a world that consisted only of themselves, neither of them paid any attention to their surroundings, or their startled audience, as they turned to face each other squarely - front to front - hands still clasped tightly together.

Not a sound was heard as they moved in, gently, to each other -- body coming to rest against body, meeting and touching from knees to foreheads. Arms wrapped themselves tightly around the other's body, without conscious thought. Both heads touched from forehead to nose, with eyes half-closed, and inner-peace was written all over both faces.

Silence prevailed as they moved their heads ever so slowly to capture each other's lips in a kiss that joined two souls. A kiss which lasted an eternity, and yet was too brief.

Silence -- golden silence -- paid witness to their whispered, simultaneous proclamations to one another.

"I love you, Tom." "I love you, Chakotay."

Silence continued to stretch across the the entire room as they joined souls again -- lips to lips, heart to heart, mind to mind, and body to body. They remained unaware of the tears spilling down the ecstatic faces arrayed around them, regarding them with some envy and surprise, but mostly with love and affection.

Neither of them heard the captain softly command, "Computer: site-to-site transport. Beam Mr. Paris and Commander Chakotay to Commander Chakotay's quarters."

Silence once more reigned in the Messhall, as patrons took their seats silently, and the captain and the Doctor reluctantly departed; the hissing sound of the door breaking the sacred silence only for a brief moment.

If more than one person spent the rest of their meal looking outside at the majestic starfield in a daydream-like state, no one paid any heed...

In Chakotay's quarters, the meeting and joining of two souls into one was consumated in a union that promised never to be broken...

It would last long after they became a footnote of history.

It would last...


~ The End ~