Here you'll find all my current works of (fan-)fiction, as well as some works-in-progress (WIP). Enjoy.

Boy Bands

Here you'll find stories dealing with so-called 'Boy Bands'. Currently limited to Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync fiction, though that may change in the not too distant future.

Kevin & Justin:

What happens when Kevin Richardson (of the Backstreet Boys) and Justin Timberlake (of 'N Sync) fall in love? Read on to find out...

Strange Interlude:

Find out what goes on in the lives of the Backstreet Boys when they're not performing on stage! Note: I only wrote part 2 of this round-robin. A lot of talented authors wrote the other parts.

Kevin & Justin 1
Kevin & Justin 2
Kevin & Justin 3
Kevin & Justin 4
Kevin & Justin 5
Kevin & Justin 6
Kevin & Justin 7
Kevin & Justin 8
Kevin & Justin 9
Kevin & Justin 10
Kevin & Justin 11
Kevin & Justin 12
Kevin & Justin 13
Kevin & Justin 14
Kevin & Justin 15
Kevin & Justin 16
Kevin & Justin 17
Kevin & Justin 18
Kevin & Justin 19
Kevin & Justin 20
Kevin & Justin 21
Kevin & Justin 22 New: 20th March 2001

More to follow...

Strange Interlude 1 Mike Ellis
       Mike's homepage
Strange Interlude 2 (mine!)
Strange Interlude 3 Billy Burrew
       Billy's homepage
Strange Interlude 4 Kyle
       Kyle's homepage

The rest, including any future updates, can be found in the 'gay/celebrity/boy-bands' section of the Nifty Archives

Saturday Night Love

A take on the behind-the-scenes action of the 'Saturday Night Live' show, when Joshua Jackson and *NSync were the guests.

Somewhere Over The Rainbowe

Watch what you say in a chatroom. You never know who might be listening! Something a bit more closer to home...

Saturday Night Love

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A Rain Of Tears

Even the elements can mourn... WARNING: contains a character death


A Rain Of Tears



Here you'll find other stories - some celebrity stories, some fan-fiction stories, and whatever else takes my fancy!

Star Trek: Voyager - Remembrance:

A C/P story - The crew of Voyager deal with a death and it's implications for them. Warning: contains character deaths.

Real Life - a Voyager Interlude:

How long will it be before two of ST:Voyager's actors realise they are meant for each other?

Remembrance 1
Remembrance 2

Real Life

Star Trek: Voyager - Awakenings:

A C/P story - Tom's in mortal danger. But will Chakotay find out in time? Warning: this story makes references to sexual abuse. Read at your own discretion.

Star Trek: Voyager - A Meeting of Souls:

A short C/P story - kinda mushy...

Awakenings 1
Awakenings 2

More to follow...

A Meeting of Souls

The Wolfboy Who Shagged Me

Seth Green (Oz from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer) meets Mike Myers for the first time as he signs on to play 'Scott Evil' in the Austin Powers movie.

Wolfboy 1

More to follow...

Last updated: 21 March 2001.

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